About Shapely Hart

My passion for bras started almost 10 years ago.  My youngest of 3 children was headed off to pre-school and for the first time in a while, I was looking for something to occupy my time.


Around that time, a good friend of mine invited me to something called a “bra party.”  I was intrigued because I was like most women and hated bras and wondered if I could really be helped. That’s when I met a bra fitter and decided I too, wanted to help women solve their bra problems. 


The next week I began fitting women immediately.  I was on a mission to help every woman I could get in contact with in a great fitted bra. I sold more bras in my first year than any representative in that company.  I continued fitting and helping over 5,000 women over the next 10 years. 


My success as a bra fitter inspired me to start my own brand, Shapely Hart.  My plan is to bring more styles and sizes to my clients and help them on a much broader scale.  I know I can accomplish this with the help and support of my 3 children and wonderful husband of many years.


I absolutely love helping women find supportive foundations to help them look their best for all of life’s occasions.  I truly believe the right bra can help a woman's confidence and will enhance her beauty, both internally and externally.


Xo, Jen Hart